12945 71st Ave NE • Bismarck, ND 58501 • (701) 484-CCSC

ND State 5-Stand Tournament


Reserve your flight time for the 5-stand Main Event by calling.

Call 701-220-1003 to register for a time.


Adult Price $65 Main Event
Youth Price $39 Main Event - NSCA-registered youth shoot free ($39 purchase will be required to reserve your spot and will be reimbursed by the NDSCA following the event)


NSCA rules and all range rules apply.

  • Tournament officials reserve the right to alter the program without advanced notice.
  • All shooters will be required to wear ear and eye protection at all times. To keep our course safe, we require all shooters to pick up their hulls.
  • All ties for place winners will be decided by a shoot-off immediately following the event. If the shooter is not able to participate at the required time, they shall forfeit their place.
  • Resident awards in the 5-Stand Main Event: State Champion and 1st place in each NSCA Class & Hunter Class. 1st place in each Concurrent class will receive a certificate.
  • Non-resident awards for the 5-Stand Main Event: Champion.]
  • Lewis Class and Class option participants for all events are divided based on number of entrants.
  • To provide a challenging and fun-filled weekend of sporting clays, help us prepare by registering in advance and being on time. Your fellow shooters will appreciate this too. Shooters wanting to squad together should apply together.
  • All event fees include NSCA, State Association and trophy fees.
  • All new shooters must fill out a Liability Form online.
NSCA Registered

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.