12945 71st Ave NE • Bismarck, ND 58501 • (701) 484-CCSC

Spring Fling


Congratulations Joel Kampf Winning the Fort Knox Safe!

Shooter Class Score
Sandness Mark AA 85
Jones Justin AA 72
Smith Kevin AA 62
Schneider Zach A 85
McCann Jack A 69
Maier Brad B 67
Durbin Kody C 78
Schneider Larry C 76
Jochim Bryan C 74
Essler Jeff C 74
Berhow Tim C 72
Gall Stacey C 71
Leiseth Bruce C 70
Remboldt Doug D 70
Laber Jeff D 62
Durbin Dylan D 57
Butler Chad E 77
Brown Hunter E 75
Remboldt Mike E 72
Jones Jim E 70
Remboldt Jamie E 68
Maier Clayton E 67
Wittenberg Charles E 66
Stobb Kevin E 65
Tescher Todd E 64
Ezell Mark E 63
Frith Spencer E 63
Erickson Bryer E 60
Beierle Stan E 56
Geisen Al E 50
Sandness Ray E 40
Smith Val E 40
Martin Jim H 77
Stoller Wayne H 71
Lorsung Joe H 70
Assel Korey H 70
Davis Mike H 68
Murphy Bob H 67
Hoyt John H 67
Larson Bryant H 66
Laber Bill H 65
Neigum Alex H 64
Grantham Ike H 63
Moy Kyle H 60
Hildebrand Dan H 56
Kampf Joel H 54
Allen Drew H 51
Honcharenko Brian H 50
Volk Houston H 49
Smith Russ H 48
Crane Van H 46
Badinger Myles H 44
Lachenmeier Albert H 44
Remboldt Tom H 43
Obbagy David H 42
Crane Joel H 41


The 100 bird Sporting Clay main event will be a shotgun start. By entering the main event your name will be in a drawing for a $1,250.00, 6026 Maverick Fort Knox gun safe along with other prizes.

After the main event there will be a 5-person Flurry, and teams are created by random drawing. The first place team will receive $200.00, and the second team will receive $100.00. The side games and Flurry are optional, and not included in the $60.00. Anyone shooting all 3 side events AND the flurry will receive one extra ticket to put into the drawing, giving them a better chance in winning the prizes.

All prizes are by drawing only, and you need not be present to win. So come on out! Enjoy the great weather, company, and targets! We look forward to seeing you there! Just as a reminder we accept and appreciate anyone who wants to Pre-Register for the main event. Just mail a check or call Capital City Sporting Clays. Thank you and I hope you are all enjoying Spring!

Fort Knox Vaults

Have you been interested in purchasing a safe but never have time to research which would be the best fit for you and your family? A Fort Knox specialist will be at Capital City Sporting Clays during the Spring Fling Shoot with a line up of Fort Knox safes, the most trusted name in security. This is an amazing opportunity to talk with a safe specialist instead of a sporting goods retail associate who is not specifically trained in safes.

This is the opportunity to ask detailed questions about features that set Fort Knox apart from other safes. Some of these key features include: their lifetime warranty, uni-body construction, certified fire protection, locking bolts and locking mechanisms. They will have all the different models to find the safe that best fits your needs. By purchasing a Fort Knox safe you are purchasing the comfort that comes with knowing your guns, personally belongings and documents are safely stored from youth, predators and natural disasters.


9:30am - Registration
12:30pm - Main Event (100 Birds)



Adult Price $65.00
Youth Price NSCA-registered youth shoot free / $36 non-NSCA members

Includes Target fees and lunch

NSCA Registered

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.