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Sporting Clays League


Shot on the Sporting Clays field (walking course). Four to six person teams, keeping the four highest scores out of six after adding handicaps. Target presentation will be the same for all league shooters, with targets being changed bi-weekly on Mondays. During the ten-week period, you must shoot 10 scores, (one score per week). Each score consists of 50 targets and the 50 targets will be shot on ten stations.

League weeks will be held from Monday through the following Sunday.


  • The League will consist of three (3) Divisions, Winchester, Federal and Remington. Team’s handicap and skill level will determine what division you compete in. Winchester, Federal or Remington.
  • The purpose of the League is to provide fair and competitive shooting to all shooters of all abilities, novice to veteran. There are no gender or age limitations and no membership requirements.
  • Teams must be registered by the end of the first week.
  • New league members must establish a handicap by shooting two rounds prior to starting.
  • Each team is responsible for cleaning up their hulls when finished shooting.
  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory.
  • Guns must be unloaded when moving from cage to cage.
  • You may shoot twice at singles.
  • Shooters are responsible for returning their scores back to the club house.
  • You may shoot ahead but cannot make up scores. Any missed scores may be shot, but it will not be counted. For any missed scores the shooter will receive an 80% of the average of their last two scores.

Handicapping System

This handicap system attempts to level the field between expert and novice shooters. Because the handicap is recalculated after each week, the number of handicap points assigned to a shooter will be different each week. The handicap is calculated by adding your last two scores, divide the sum by two, then subtract from par.


The teams are awarded points for Wins (2 points), Ties (1 point) and Losses (0 points). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies are awarded to the teams with the highest three point totals at the end of the 10 weeks (10 Scores). Ties are determined by shoot offs. Team members purchase and shoot a 11th round. Their handicap for the tie breaker round is based on their current year-end 10 league score average. We then use the four highest scores after average, if still tied we add a fifth shooter score, if still tied the sixth shooter score, if still tied we start the process over with another shoot off round. 1 week to post a shoot off score.


Team Sponsor Fee – $100.00
Shooter Fee – $204.00
Fees are due prior to starting the league.

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.