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Jack-O-Lope Shoot


Shooter Conc. Class 1st 50 Birds Place
Rembolt Doug   D 45 Champion
Wittenberg Charles SV E 44 Vet 1st
Laber Jeff   E 42  
Sandness Mark   AA 42  
Assel Korey   H 41  
Ezell Mark   H 41  
Blowers Byron   D 39  
Gall Stacy   C 39  
Boyd Jim   H 37  
Leiseth Bruce V C 37  
Lorsung Joe   H 36  
Jochim Bryan   C 35  
Boehm Adam   H 33  
Awender Ty SJ D 33 Youth 1st
Arnold Steve   H 32  
Swenson Brian   H 31  
Roemmich Ben   H 31  
Nelson Brian   H 31  
Schmidkunz Tyler   H 31  
Bird Travis   H 30  
Schaible Cole   H 29  
Berhow Tim V C 29  
Crane Van   H 26  
Roemmich Dan   H 25  
Porsborg Chad   H 21  
Schmidkunz Scott   H 21  
Sandness Nelson Heather   H 18 Womens 1st


The 2018 50 target Jack-O-Lope course is set. Bring you’re A-game against these rascally critters (clay targets). Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the targets range from close quartering to crossing, bouncing, and incoming. It will help you become a bunny expert or hate’em even more.


9:30am Range opens
Anytime Shooters start anytime
3:30pm Last squad out


HOA - Seniors, Juniors (17 and under), Women’s & Men’s traveling trophies for a year.

All shooters, resident and non-resident will be eligible to win trophies. Any and all Shoot-Offs will be conducted after the scores have been posted.

Additional Details

Youth National Sporting Clays Association members shoot free, Youths may register NSCA the day of the shoot, but are responsible for the cost of the membership.

Shooters may shoot multiple rounds for additional registered targets. Re-entry fee is $35 for adult and $19.50 for youth.


Adult Price $50
Youth Price NSCA-registered youth shoot free / $23 non-NSCA members

Includes Target fees and lunch

NSCA Registered

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.