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Chilly Whilly 2020


Teams are made up of two shooters, put together based on two handicap scores shot on either January 19 or January 26. First come, first served on the dates and times to shoot handicap. A shoot schedule for the League will be mailed after teams have been established. Call Mark (701-220-1003) to make a cage time for handicap.

You may switch shooting times with others but must notify Mark of any trades. League members take turns providing food on assigned dates, BYOB. The skeet fields will also be open to shoot on the dates above upon request. If you miss a day and have not banked a score, you will receive 80% of your averaged last two scores.


  1. Must shoot two rounds to establish a Handicap (January)
  2. Shot on the 5-Stand. Everyone shoots two 25 bird rounds a time for the six dates. (Feb-Mar)
  3. You may shoot ahead and bank the scores for a missed day. If you do not miss a day, you will have the option of re-shooting or keeping your banked score.
  4. Par is 85/100.
  5. There are no make-ups, unless of a storm day.
  6. Teams are handicapped as a team, not as individuals.
  7. Handicap and Shoot dates are (Handicap) January 19 & 26, (League) February 9, 16, & 23, March 1, 8, 15. You must make an appointment on January 19 or 26 to shoot your handicap.
  8. In the event of a lot of snow the league will either be canceled or you have to walk in.
  9. The only time we do not shoot is if the Highway Patrol closes the roads or the wind chill is dangerously low.


Adult Price $175.00
Youth Price $100.00
Includes 12 league rounds & 2 handicap rounds

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.