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101 (Tenative) Basics of Shooting Instruction Overflow Course

$150.00 •

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(Tenative) Basics of Shooting Instruction Overflow Course

$150.00 • Saturday, March 27, 2021

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Course Schedule

This course is tentatively scheduled for March 27, 2021. Please reserve your spot and if we have at least 10 registrants, we will hold the close. If not, we will issue refunds in full.

Course Logistics

101: Basics of Shooting Instruction will be a one-day, intensive event held at Capital City Sporting Clays. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, capacity will be limited and will be first-come, first-served.

To register, click the registration link and submit your payment at our payment processing site. We will email details and exact times as the event gets closer.

Your Mission as a Coach

  • Maintain safe environment
  • Advance your students’ shooting abilities
  • Generate excitement about the sport
  • Entertain

Course Objectives

Gain the skills to instruct students in successfully breaking clay targets in a safe and entertaining way.

Instructor Philosophy

Keep safe and have fun. Most students learn best through hands-on repetition, not by instructor verbalization. For some, visual/auditory learning complements the learning process. Flexibility, communication and cooperation between students and instructor are the keys!

  • Meaning - your style vs their style.
  • Kids do not have a problem trying.
  • Kinesthetic – Learn by feeling
  • Visual – Learn by Observing
  • Auditory – Learn by Listening
  • Visual Cognitive – Learn by Reading

7 Competencies

  1. Safety and positive control
  2. Assessing eye dominance
  3. Assessing basic gun fit
  4. Teaching the fundamentals
  5. Teaching lead & lead types
  6. Calling the Shot
  7. Ability to observe, communicate and motivate