12945 71st Ave NE • Bismarck, ND 58501 • (701) 484-CCSC

Ducks Unlimited Fun Shoot


1st Place: Mark Sandness
2nd Place: Doug Remboldt (not pictured)
3rd Place: Mike Remboldt

Ladies 1st Place: Piper Suhr
Ladies 2nd Place: Katie Hutchens (not pictured)
Ladies 3rd Place: Kendra Stroklund

Youth 1st Place: Lathan Stroklund
Youth 2nd Place: Piper Suhr
Youth 3rd Place: Ty Awender

Canoe Shoot: Adam Dunlop
Long Bird: Larry Schneider
Skeet Challenge: Steve Arnold


9:30am Registration
10:00am Canoe Shoot, Long Bird, Skeet Challenge
12:00pm Complimentary Lunch
1:00pm Main event followed by a 5 person flurry

For more information, call Al Geisen (701) 220-9568.


Adult Price $50 by June 17 - $60 at the door
Youth Price $25
NSCA Registered

All NSCA rules and CCSC rules apply. If you haven't signed the liability form, save time and sign it online.

Capital City Sporting Clays management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of the program if the conditions warrant. All decisions of management are final.