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101 Basics of Shooting Instruction

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Basics of Shooting Instruction

$150.00 • Saturday, May 20, 2023

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Course Logistics

101: Basics of Shooting Instruction will be a one-day, intensive event held at Capital City Sporting Clays. Capacity will be limited and will be first-come, first-served.

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Your Mission as a Coach

  • Maintain safe environment
  • Advance your students’ shooting abilities
  • Generate excitement about the sport
  • Entertain

Course Objectives

Gain the skills to instruct students in successfully breaking clay targets in a safe and entertaining way.

Instructor Philosophy

Keep safe and have fun. Most students learn best through hands-on repetition, not by instructor verbalization. For some, visual/auditory learning complements the learning process. Flexibility, communication and cooperation between students and instructor are the keys!

  • Meaning - your style vs their style.
  • Kids do not have a problem trying.
  • Kinesthetic – Learn by feeling
  • Visual – Learn by Observing
  • Auditory – Learn by Listening
  • Visual Cognitive – Learn by Reading

7 Competencies

  1. Safety and positive control
  2. Assessing eye dominance
  3. Assessing basic gun fit
  4. Teaching the fundamentals
  5. Teaching lead & lead types
  6. Calling the Shot
  7. Ability to observe, communicate and motivate