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CCSC 2014 Shoot Dates

Here's our event list for 2014.

We'll be adding information to this list throughout the year, and adding more events, too! We hope to see you at CCSC this year.

  • April 6 - Jack-O-Lope Fun Shoot
  • April 28 - 5-Stand League begins
  • May 17 - Spring Fling
  • May 23-25 - Level 2 Instructors Course
  • May 31 - 4H Fund Raiser Shoot
  • June 6 - HIT the Clays Charity Shoot
  • June 7 - Pheasant Forever Youth Mentor Instruction
  • June 9 - Sporting Clays/Skeet League begins
  • June 14 - Ducks Unlimited Fun Shoot
  • July 19 - Silver Dollar Shoot
  • August 1-3 - North Dakota State Sporting Clays Tournament
  • August 9-10 - North Dakota State 4-H Shoot
  • August 22 - Bis/Man Chamber Shoot
  • August 30 - Driven Pheasant Shoot
  • September 6 - Pheasant Forever Youth Mentor Hunt
  • September 13 - Century High School "FUNd" Blast
  • October 17 - Cancer Fund Raiser Shoot

Results, results, results!

Cannonball Driven Pheasant Shoot

1st - Men's - Bruce Leiseth and Bryan Jochim 134/150

1st - Coed - Wendy Laber and Will Laber 88/150

View some photos on the event page.

A very special thank you to Ground Round in Bismarck for sponsoring the food at the event!

5-Stand League 2013

1st Place – Almost “HIT” – 1534/1800

  • Mike Remboldt
  • Tom Remboldt
  • Jamie Remboldt
  • Dick Scott
  • Alex Neigum
  • Mark Fischer

2nd Place – Prefection Plus – 1457/1800

  • Jeremy Beheler
  • Noah Carlson
  • Preston Snider
  • Brett Abrahamson
  • Patrick Fischer
  • Jon Plucker

 3rd Place - Idiots With Guns – 1304/1800

  • Rob Forward
  • Tim Wahlin
  • Mitch Armstrong
  • Chris Halvorson
  • John Halvorson

Skeet League 2013

1st Place – The Exhausted Ones – 930/1000

  • Mike Davis
  • Wayne Stoller
  • Jim Martin
  • Ray Venjohn
  • Aaron Olson
  • Larry Ewer

 2nd Place – Anyleaks – 898/1000

  • Preston Snider
  • Will Aide
  • Jon Plucker
  • Jeremy Beheler
  • Ryan Derass
  • Cole Geis

 3rd Place – Budmen – 919/1000

  • Randy Hanson
  • Don Borud
  • Jon Hunke
  • Matt Sagsveen
  • Todd Hartleben

Winchester League 2013

1st Place – KG chippers – 1768/2000

  • Rocky Schlosser
  • Kory Assel
  • Eric Thompson
  • Ben Hertz
  • Alex Gary Jahraus
  • Mark Duane Boeder

 2nd  Place – The Exhausted Ones – 1771/2000

  • Mike Davis
  • Wayne Stoller
  • Jim Martin
  • Ray Venjohn
  • Aaron Olson
  • Larry Ewer

3rd Place – Budmen – 1774/2000

  • Randy Hanson
  • Don Borud
  • Jon Hunke
  • Matt Sagsveen
  • Todd Hartleben

Federal League 2013

1st Place – Jake’s Auto Glass – 1663/2000

  • Dwight Schwartz
  • Mark Weidner
  • Tristen Schwartz
  • Nevada Schwartz
  • Jon Schwartz
  • Joel Hoffman

 2nd Place – Railway Credit Union – 1660/2000

  • Dick Scott
  • Paul Brucker
  • Alex Neigum
  • Roger Thompson
  • Matt Erhardt
  • Brandon Erhardt

3rd Place – Golden Oldies – 1660/2000

  • Larry Schneider
  • Mark Schneider
  • Zach Schneider
  • Al Geisen
  • Jeff Luptak

Remington League 2013

1st Place – Schlosser Excavating – 1589/2000

  • Rory Schlosser
  • Shannon Schlosser
  • Jim Wagner
  • Dana Schlomer
  • Doug Nagel
  • Rick Hinnelspach

2nd Place – Angry Birds – 1545/2000

  • Jeffery Duncan
  • Joel Malingen
  • Steve Berreth
  • Blair Meier
  • George Helm

3rd Place – Better Than Dick – 1563/2000

  • Ronda Colby
  • Jody Fischer
  • Lisa Soma
  • Fay Johnson
  • Molly Traynor

Silver Dollar Results Posted

We've just posted the results of the Silver Dollar Shoot. We had an AMAZING turnout with 90 shooters!

A special thank you to Larry Schneider for another amazing event this year. And thank you to everyone who came out to participate. We'll see you next year!

And keep your eyes and ears open for our breast cancer benefit shoot later this year. We'll have more info soon.

Shoots, scores, and more!

Silver Dollar Shoot

The Silver Dollar Shoot is fast approaching! Join us on July 20. Find out more information on the event page.

St. Mary's 5th Annual Shoot for the Saints

We've just posted new registration information for the St. Mary's Booster Club Fun Shoot. Learn more on the event page.

Results are here!

We've posted some results on the site. Check out the following:

Ducks Unlimited Results

Remington Sporting Clays 2013

Federal Sporting Clays 2013

Winchester Sporting Clays 2013

Skeet League 2013

Youth learn free every Wednesday!

Remember, youth lessons are available every Wednesday night at no charge! Contact Mark at 701-484-CCSC for more information.

CCSC is Opening Thursday

Welcome to Spring in ND! As this needed moisture is melting into the ground, CCSC has been gearing up for the 5-Stand League, opening the course for some warm outdoor entertainment, and adding improvements. If all goes well, we will open for business starting this Thursday, April 25 at 4:30. I highly suggest a pair of boots if wanting to walk the course. Until further notice, drivable carts will not be allowed on any of the grounds.

Because Mother Nature is slowly letting her grip off of winter, CCSC is going to start the 5-Stand League a week later than scheduled. Instead of April 29th we will start the League May 6th.

CCSC will be closed for a few more days

While we are raring to go out and shoot the course ourselves, we unfortunately have to stay closed for a bit longer until some of the water clears the property. The recent snowfall has thrown a wrench in everyone's plans, so we apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call Mark at (701) 484-CCSC.

Check back soon as we'll keep you updated on the course condition.

Jack-O-Lope Shoot Wrap-Up

We had a great shoot this past Sunday. It was a bit cold in the morning but turned out to be a great day later on.

Thanks to all the shooters. We had a wonderful turnout and a really great shoot. See the event page for winners and results.

Jack-O-Lope Shoot is Sunday April 7

The Jack-O-Lope course will test your rabbit shootin’ skills.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, targets ranging from close quartering to crossing, bouncing, and incoming will make you a bunny expert.

View more info on the event page!

One more day for Chilly Whilly handicap

Chilly Whilly is off to a great start.

As I mentioned in a previous email, we have added another day to set your handicap. What I failed to realize is the Pheasant Forever Banquet is Saturday and I am helping with set up and Youth table. It's a great event and I do believe everyone should support what they hunt. Because of my commitment with the banquet, I have changed the handicap date to Sunday from 11:00am - 3:00pm.

Please call and make your reservations to join. I do realize the Super Bowl is later that night. We will be off the grounds no later than 3:30pm, so as I can be AIS in front of the TV watching the previews and commercials.

Again, please join us for some fun in the outdoors.

For more on this league, visit the Chilly Whilly page.

As a side note I believe the 49er's will win.

Pheasants Forever Youth Mentor Hunt Pictures

We've posted a large gallery of photos from today's Pheasants Forever Youth Mentor Hunt. We had an excellent turnout and great weather!

Check out the photos