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Open for the 2019 Season

It’s Happening!

We’re opening for the season on April 22!

Now that the weather has been getting better, we’re ready to open! Starting with 5-Stand and Skeet. Once the course dries out, we will open that.

  • Sundays Noon - 6:00pm
  • Weekdays 4:30pm - Dark
  • Closed Saturdays

Range Day: April 22

If you are available to help out, we will be prepping the course for the coming season starting Monday afternoon. Call Mark at 701-220-1003 to let him know.

5-Stand League Begins April 29

Our 5-Stand League starts on the following Monday as. Fill out a registration form for you team today.

Register My Team

Jack-O-Lope Rescheduled to April 27

The Jack-O-Lope Shoot has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 27. The 2019 50 target Jack-O-Lope course is set. Bring you’re A-game against these rascally critters (clay targets). Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the targets range from close quartering to crossing, bouncing, and incoming. It will help you become a bunny expert or hate’em even more.

Skeet and Sporting Clays League Results

Final Scores for Skeet and Sporting Clays Leagues

We’ve just posted the final scores for Skeet and Sporting Clays. Congratulations to:


  1. Killer B’s
  2. Arrow Service Team
  3. Exhausted Ones


  1. I’d Hit That
  2. Almost a Hit
  3. Bormann Myerchin


  1. The Guard Guys
  2. Redneck Roosters
  3. Kramer Agency


  1. Killer B’s
  2. Arrow Service Team
  3. Exhausted Ones

Skeet League
Sporting Clays

Skeet and Sporting Clays League Results

Week 2 Scores for Skeet and Sporting Clays Leagues

We’ve just posted the scores up to week 2 for Skeet and Sporting Clays. You can also view the upcoming matchups and standings on each league’s page.

Skeet League
Sporting Clays

5-Stand Results

Congratulations 5-Stand Champions - Still Fly’n

Chris Vigness
Bill Randall
Travis Hoiland
Rick Simonson
Brian Swenson
John Steffen

Highest Average Zach Schneider 21.75/25
Most Improved Bill Randall +5.83

2nd Place Chevy Shooters
3rd Place Killerl B’s
Bismarck Gold & Silver
Buck U’s
Northern Plains Equipment
Almost HIT
KG Chippers

Jack-O-Lope Scores Posted

Just when you think you have set a great course, Mother Nature changes it up to turn it into rabbits on steroids. Thanks to everyone that battled the weather. Special thanks: Sheila, Easton Weeks, Eric Grove, Jim Schmidt and Jon Hanson. Without these individuals, this event wouldn’t have been possible.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s rabbits from HELL:

Kevin Smith - HOA Champion
Val Smith - Ladies Champion
Hunter Brown - Juniors Champion
Logan Wickenheiser - Sub-Junior Champion

Frozen Tundra (2nd Shoot) Scores Posted

We had another great shoot on February 21!

Congratulations to the following shooters:
Jeff Essler - Winner of the one Hour Lesson
Bryan and Zach - nice shooting!


Shooter Class Score
Zach Schneider A 88
Bryan Jochim C 88
Mark Sandness AA 85
Justin Jones AA 82
Jeff Essler C 82
Bruce Leiseth C 82
Larry Schneider C 80
Tim Berhow C 72
Doug Remboldt D 73
Jeff Laber D 56
Stacey Gall E 80
Chad Butler E 71
Mike Remboldt E 70
Randy Hansen E 70
Al Giesen E 60
Stan Beierle E 68
Jamie Remboldt 77
Mark Ezell 74
Jim Martin 74
Tyler VenJohn 73
Tom Remboldt 63
Ray VenJohn 61
Lloyd Jones 60
Bill Laber 59
Perry Meske 34

Frozen Tundra Scores Posted

We had a great shoot on January 31!

Congratulations to Todd Tescher, the winner of the Skeet League Target Fees for 2016.


Shooter Class Score
Mark Sandness AA 87
Justin Jones AA 79
Bryan Jochim C 82
Warren Blanchfield C 81
Darin MacDonald C 73
Jeff Essler C 71
Bruce Leiseth C 70
Tim Berhow C 67
Doug Remboldt D 70
Jeff Laber D 54
Chad Butler E 75
Todd Tescher E 62
Mike Remboldt E 55
Al Giesen E 54
Kelvin Hullet E 53
Sydney Steffen E 49
Stan Beierle E 45
Rocky Schlosser 77
Randy Hansen 70
Bill Laber 65
Mark Ezell 56
Alex Neigum 54
Dave Steffen 50
Tom Remboldt 45
Lloyd Jones 42
Regan Schlosser 30

Sporting Clays and Skeet Leagues scores posted

Visit the league pages to view the final scores for the year

Skeet League
Sporting Clays League

Results from the 2015 Silver Dollar Shoot

A gusty, great day!

The 2015 Silver Dollar shoot was a big success. We had over 80 shooters participate in the main event, a 100-bird sporting clays round. Morning games had a great turnout as well.

A very special thanks to Larry Schneider of Bismarck Gold & Silver and his family for sponsoring this annual event.


Long Bird


1st Place: Matt Schindele
2nd Place: Kory Assel

Skeet Challenge


1st Place: Kody Durbin
2nd Place: Zach Schneider

Canoe Shoot


1st Place: Bryan Jochim
2nd Place: Roger Schlinger



1st Place: Steve Arnold, Bruce Leiseth, Kody Durbin, Matt Schindele, Jamie Remboldt


2nd Place: John Rutten, Albert Lachenmeier, Mark Sandness, Mark Zachmeier, Scott Westbrook



1st Place: Colette Owens
2nd Place: Amy Haugen



2nd Place: Matt Schindele
1st Place: Kody Durbin



2nd Place: Roger Schlinger
1st Place: 
Myron Brager

Super Veteran


1st Place: Larry Schneider
2nd Place: Charles Wittenberg

Senior Super Veteran

(not pictured)
1st Place: Stan Beierle
2nd Place: Ike Grantham

Class D


1st Place: Duane Haughton
2nd Place: Clayton Wolt (not pictured)

Class C


1st Place: Brandon Bailey
2nd Place: Steve Baumgartner

Class B


1st Place: Chris Morstad
2nd Place: Eric Grove

Class A


1st Place: Ordale Morstad
2nd Place: John Paulson

Class AA


1st Place: Del Ray Bergan
2nd Place: Chad Butler



2nd Place: Kody Durbin
1st Place: 
Zach Schneider

Spring Fling - Saturday, May 16

Join us this Saturday


The 100 bird Sporting Clay main event will be a shotgun start. By entering the main event your name will be in a drawing for a $1,250.00,  6026 Maverick Fort Knox gun safe along with other prizes.

Find out more at the event page.