We'd like to thank everyone that came out to participate in the DU Fun Shoot. The weather favored you if you were a duck.  A special thanks to the following individuals for helping with the great meal: Dick Scott - Cook, Rosie - Pumpkin Bars and Brownies, and Bev Sandness for the meal presentation.  A Great Big Thanks to the wonderful sponsors that made this shoot possible.

Ducks Unlimited 2014 0411st Ladies - Wendy Laber


Ducks-Unlimited-2014-0421st Junior - Zach Ezell


Ducks Unlimited 2014 0401st Mens - Zach Schneider

2nd Mens - Mark Sandness

3rd Mens - Tied/Bryan Jochim - Jeff Esler


Ducks Unlimited 2014 038Long Bird -  1st Zach Schneider / 2nd Ray Sandness


Ducks Unlimited 2014 037Skeet Challenge - 1st Larry Schneider / 2nd Jeff Schneider


Ducks Unlimited 2014 036Canoe Shoot - 1st Zach Schneider / 2nd Larry Schneider


Ducks Unlimited 2014 039Duck Flurry Winners Doug Remboldt/George Laber/Mark Sandness/Bryan Jochim